Folder Track

  • FolderTrack makes it easy to

    1. Find old versions of Word, Excell or other files
    2. Recover deleted files
    3. Estimate how much time you work on projects
  • System Requirements

    1. Windows XP, Vista, 7
    2. .Net 3.5 (Included with installer)
John hates his job John hates his job His friend Mary knows about a great job at Harpo Mary tells John that he would like it at Harpo
John modifies his résumé for Harpo John creates Harpo version of his résumé The original version of John's résumé is gone because the new one replaced it. Mary likes the Harpo  Résumé
Following the advice in the books John adds a lot of scholarly words to his résumé John adds a lot of scholarly words to his Résumé John shows Mary his scholarly résumé and she hates it. Mary does not like Johns new résumé
John asks Microsoft Word for the résumé that Mary liked but Word doesn't have it. John needs FolderTrack to get his old résumé because he overwrote the one he wants FolderTrack would have kept his original résumé, the one Mary liked, the one Mary hated, and every version in between. FolderTrack will have the past overwritten versions of his résumé
John gets the résumé Mary liked from FolderTrack and gives it to her. FolderTrack has what he wanted Now John is enjoying his great job at Harpo. Because FolderTrack had what he wanted he is good

FolderTrack: The easiest way to manage all the versions of your book, spread sheet, source code, ...Works on personal computers running Windows XP, Vista, and 7

FolderTrack explained

Stop doing this

Personal Version Control Mess
and start using FolderTrack to keep control of document revisions
for help read the FolderTrack Guide

Easy Version Control

Once you tell FolderTrack what file you are working on it will begin to monitor it. Every time the file is saved, FolderTrack will automatically copy it and label it with a date and version number. Additionally you can give it a description to make it easier to find. Works great withsingle and multi-file projects on your personal computer
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